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July 20

Thanks for applying!
  We’ll get back to you soon.

Terms and Conditions

 Thank you for your interest in applying as a vendor for the 100 Taylor Arts Market.

Please read the following Rules and Regulations thoroughly before you submit your application.

The 100 Taylor Arts Market is held on the Third Saturday of each month from 4pm to 9pm from.

All interested vendors must receive prior approval before participating.


 Jury Process

All submissions will be juried by a committee from images that are submitted by the vendor. 

The New Vendor Application asks for your art website or other social media that represents your art.

This may be used instead of submitting images for our jury. 

If you do not have an online presence,  you must email three (3) images to

Images of work to be considered must be representative of the items that will be sold at the Arts Market. 

Certain criteria such as creativity and originality, popular and/or aesthetic appeal, and technical skill will be used in determining acceptance. 

The Market reserves the right to decline approval based on over-representation of one or more type of artwork already confirmed to be available at the Arts Market. If this occurs, the vendor will be placed on a waiting list.


Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance.

100 Taylor Arts Market reserves the right to refuse work and vendors at their own discretion.


100 Taylor Arts Market is a fine arts market. The jury seeks artists and artisans who are accomplished in their medium, who are original and exciting in their ideas, and who will be an asset to the market overall.

Originality and workmanship are highly favored, especially in over-represented categories such as jewelry.


If you have questions on whether your product would be acceptable, you are encouraged to visit the 100 Taylor Arts Market  Facebook and Instagram pages to see pictures of past markets.



Vendors must complete the New Vendor application and submit images of their work for review.

If you have a website or social media presence that focuses on your art, then that is sufficient. Otherwise, new applicants must email three (3) images to



Once accepted into the market, all booth payments must be received by the first of the month for that month's market date. Payments made after that time will be subject to a late fee ($25).


All Fees MUST be received no later than the First day of the month for that months market. If you are accepted after the first of the month you have 3 days to pay or your spot will be forfeited 

Art Market fees start at $50 per event and go to$75

 PLEASE NOTE: This is a fine arts market.  if you are not an artist your work may not be accepted into the market. You are encouraged to visit our social media to see pictures of previous markets. 

 Privacy Policy

The 100 Taylor Arts Market collects names, email addresses and mailing addresses for the sole purpose of informing members and vendors about upcoming events.


We are a working building and spot assignments change each month.

We do this not only to keep things from becoming stagnant but also because building tenants may need access to certain spaces at certain times.


Financial Aid

Please e-mail us to discuss volunteer possibilities in lieu of payment.

We set aside two volunteer spots each month for artists in need.


All artists belongings ie; wagons, bags, bins etc must be under


the artists displays or taken to your car. The Art Market is not


responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property

Artists are responsible for all displays including but not limited to tables, chairs, nails, hammers etc. You may use nails on designated walls but not doors, signs etc.

All efforts will be made to get electric to those of you that need it.

Please bring your own extension cords etc

Set-up is scheduled the day of the event from 1:00pm-3:30pm Your booth must be completely set up by 3:30, 

Take down may not begin until 9pm. All vendors are required to be present for the duration of the event, except in cases of medical emergency or if prior arrangements have been made.

Vendors who set up late or take down early may not be approved for subsequent markets. 

Each vendor is responsible for cleaning up their space at the end of the market. failure to do so may result in not being invited back

The artist (not a representative) must be present for the entire event

we ask that you do not supply wine or beer to your visitors/patrons the tips from the wine table help keep our fees low


 Event Cancellation

100 Taylor Arts is an indoor market, and all events will be held rain or shine.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the Arts Market will delay, reschedule, or cancel the event.

Notices of changes will be posted on the Facebook event page and email notice will be sent out.

Booth fees are non-refundable, but in the case of event cancellation they will be CREDITED for participation in the next month’s market.


Smoking or vaping are prohibited in the building and outside areas of the market during all 100 Taylor Arts Market events. Please go across the street if you must partake. No illegal substances of any kind are allowed on property. Anyone not adhering to these rules will be ejected and not allowed back on the premises. 



You can pull into the building parking lot by the garage door when you are loading and unloading, but we require  you to move your vehicle to a spot on the street or one of the many nearby lots, as soon as loading is done.

Parking in the gravel lot by the rail road tracks is free the day of the event



For additional information or questions regarding the application process, please contact


 Additional Terms and Conditions

Each vendor is responsible for cleaning up their space at the end of the market.    


Pictures of vendors and/or vendor’s work may be used on social media to promote the Arts Market at any time.

As a participant of the Arts Market, each vendor agrees to contribute to marketing efforts by any means at their disposal, to include, but not be limited too, social media networks and email distribution lists.

Each Artist Is required to make 3 social media posts a week for the two weeks leading up to the event, 2 per week may be in stories and 1 per week must be a post.

Posts that list other events you will be at do not count towards your obligation.

please list 100taylorartsmarket as a collaborator on instagram posts so that we can easily share

There will be posters available for pick up the week before the event as well as an emailed pdf. It would be great, however not mandatory if each vendor put up three posters 

Tony and Crystal

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