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Nadine Shillingford

The 100 Taylor art market is one of my favorite art venues in Nashville. The vendors are like a community and I always enjoy myself when I’m there. It’s a great opportunity for artists to show off their work. There is a great diversity of artists and vendors and we look out for each other. You get access to a live concert and there are food vendors as well. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday evening. Crystal and Tony know our names and are usually very flexible to help if we need anything or if our situations change. 

Greg Urbaitis

what 100 Taylor Arts has meant to me and has done for me.


When my wife passed away I took to doing art as a form of therapy. As I continued, I started amassing more and more pieces, which began to cramp my little apartment. A friend suggested I sell my art, but as they were paintings it made it difficult - most all of the flea markets were items displayed on tables. Some of my paintings were rather large. Trying to display them that way wasn't practical.


100 Taylor Arts is ideal for paintings and the like. And they let me - me, someone with no real background other than being self-taught - show my paintings. I sold 12 that first show, and it gave me the reassurance needed to keep at it.  That was back in 2021, and since then I haven't stopped. 


All I know is if it wasn't for 100 Taylor Arts, I can't say I would have continued. Along the way I have developed friendships, and now feel part of a community - that feeling itself being far more valuable than the sales themselves. I can't imagine what things would be like if 100 Taylor Arts had not given me that first opportunity

Jeremy Parrish

I am ever so grateful for the 100 Taylor Arts Market.  As an independent artist without an established clientele, the Arts Market has allowed me the opportunity to showcase my pieces, engage with new customers, gain exposure within the Nashville artist community, and network with other local craftsmen.  Their willingness to embrace all types of art, to consistently offer small artists a chance to shine a lot on their creative efforts, and continued advocacy on social media has been invaluable for an artist and small business owner alike.  Thank you 100 Taylor Arts Market and I look forward to continuing to collaborate to bring independent art to Nashville!

Anna Lasbury

The Taylor Arts Market is a unique culmination of creatives. The space is massive and every corner is filled with local artwork, clothing, clocks, fake cakes and eggs, photography, trinkets, cannabis products, you name it. But what makes it so special are the people. I’ve made lasting connections with numerous growing artists- who have helped me grow my work as well. 


This market is a great place to display as a budding artist to receive feedback and make sales! Good music, good food, good art, good people, great vibes. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to see what Nashville’s creative climate looks like.

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Kelley Curran

IThe 100 Taylor Art Market means so much to me, as an artist and a member of the community. I moved to Nashville just under a year ago, and the Taylor market was the first art market that invited me in. I quickly found lifelong friends in the other vendors and the hosts of these events, and I truly felt like it was the first step for me calling Nashville my home. There is such a wide variety of artists at the market, that there is something for everyone to enjoy. The market is family friendly, and offers so much more than just art, it offers amazing live music, drinks, and so much fun. It’s also great that this market is indoors, then weather can’t stop us, and we all have something fun to look forward to on rainy days. It’s one of the only indoor art markets even around in Nashville, so it’s really a gem and something I look forward to every month. .

Mathew Cutright

"It's hard to put into word what The Taylor Arts community means to me. Through the art markets, I have not only found a community of creatives; but I found myself as an artist. Taylor Arts gives back to the community of Nashville by accepting, encouraging, and embracing the small art community here in Nashville. By doing so, I know for a fact I am not the only one who has been impacted. I have gone from someone who barley believed his art would mean anything, to someone who can stand next to his work with confidence and joy! Without the unwavering support from the incredible people behind 100 Taylor Arts, and the Nashvillians who support the arts, I wouldn't be the artist I've grown into today!"

Pam Council

After retiring in 2022 my goal was to devote my time to becoming a full time artist and finding an Art Community where I felt supported.  100 Taylor Art Market has really been a wonderful place for me to grow 
and showcase my Art monthly with a diverse group of creators.  I get to meet and talk with people who love to support local Artists monthly.  I have learned so much from other artists and the staff is so welcoming and encouraging.

Zoe Spain

I came across 100 Taylor Art Market through my healing journey. I started going to therapy in the 100 Taylor St building for the first time not knowing what was in store for me. Before I would climb the stairs to the therapy sessions I’d see the cutest pottery shop with the most beautifully unique things. Once I went into the pottery shop it all made sense! I met Crystal the owner and artist; she was just so magical and had the most calming presence! After I told Crystal about how I paint she ended up telling me about how there is an Art Market every month and how I should set some stuff up to sell! I followed through with it even though I was super nervous because I had never tried to sell my art. After the first show I was so happy that I did it; not only proud of myself for showing my art but I knew I had found a community in my hometown that felt right! Everyone that sells at the market is so talented and so genuine; it made me so excited for every 3rd Saturday because I knew I’d get to experience it all over again! If you are looking for a good time or a place to kickstart your art career this market is definitely for you!

Lyn Stevens

100 Taylor Arts Market, is a beautiful space, and provides opportunity for brand new, and established artists, to have a safe place, to sell their artwork in . The networking, and the friendships that I have made with other artists at this market, have been invaluable to me.  As an emerging artist, it means everything to me, to be welcomed back to this market as a vendor, every single time I ask if they have room for me, to set up at an upcoming market. Lyn Stevens Photography

Mellissa Smith

The 100 Taylor Arts Market is an important asset to the Nashville arts scene. The market serves as a vital gathering place and a safe space for artists, designers, creatives, musicians, collectors, and enthusiasts of all backgrounds. The fact that the market is accessible to participants and attendees alike is key. For artists, the affordability of being able to participate in the market is crucial, as many simply cannot afford the high-cost entry fees often associated with art markets around the city. Likewise, the fact that the market has been able to remain free for attendees is also significant, as a cost of admittance often results in lower attendance and acts as a barrier to arts patrons. Nashville needs spaces and events like the 100 Taylor Arts Market which allow everyone, regardless of economic status, to engage with the arts at a local level and to be a part of a creative community.

Furthermore, the 100 Taylor Arts Market serves as a much-needed launching pad for artists who are looking to expand their public reach, give and receive feedback, develop their business acumen, and engage in creative commerce through the showing and selling of their work. The market fosters dialogue amongst local creatives and provides a supportive framework in which fellow makers can connect, learn from one another, share opportunities and resources, network, and grow. For these reasons and more, I am grateful for the experience, knowledge, and long-lasting relationships I have gained from being a participating artist at the 100 Taylor Arts Market.

Janet Calvo

In 2023 I launched a creative outlet making sun catchers from reuse jewelry. Being involved at 100 Taylor Art Market has been an important step in getting out into the art community in Nashville. 


This event has all the great elements! A great venue, excellent administration and communication and most importantly a platform to meet and build relationships with other creatives. The traffic is always robust and the atmosphere is lively and exciting. 


I've made lasting connections and find that meeting the art creators and talking with the people who are interested in art has been invaluable. 


The 100 Taylor Art Market is a vibrant and collaborative event and a  keystone for the art community in Nashville. 

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